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Demonstrate Readiness to Begin Anew

You pack for a trip, plan for a meal, and look at the weather to dress properly. So are you ready for a new beginning?

When Met with Mountainous Obstacles

Well, we believe this decision is logical and practical. Sounds more like a Mr. Spock response, doesn't it?

Help for Making Needed Changes

It's easy to ignore and neglect changes that are necessary and vital to our lives. Sometimes, we get too close to life, to see what GOD wants us to do. Have you ever been there?

Trading Old Habits for God's Way of Life

Old habits...comfortable, safe, enjoyable, at least for now. But GOD has some plans that don't fit into your old habits. Can you make the change?

How Difficulties and Hardships Build Faith and Trust

GOD's desire is for us to experience difficulties and hardships, so we can learn and build our faith and trust in HIM. That ever happen to you?

Search for Solutions - Don't Complain and Blame

So, are you a problem solver, or a problem blamer? Getting back on track involves a conversation with GOD.

Believing God's Promises

GOD's gift to us - a spirit of love, power, and self-control. That's all we need.

Be Still and See What God Will Do

Have you ever taken a trip, planned your route, only to find that the road ahead is closed? GOD knows what obstacles lie ahead. HE is our very own GPS. How cool is that?

Hope for a New Beginning

Hope...we need hope, for a sunny day, a better tomorrow. Because hope also gives us energy. What have you hoped for?

God's Attitude Changers

From The Great Depression to a global pandemic, the events in our world change our attitudes about life and how we respond to the tough days. Is that GOD's way to get our attention?

A Bridge to a New Beginning or to Disaster?

GOD sometimes nudges us to change what we believe is the right course. Why? Because it's not what HE desires for us.

Activating a New Vision

Something new. Are you prepared to go there?

The Impact of a New Beginning

A new beginning? Getting started is the hardest part of the journey. Have you ever had issues with getting started?

God Will Redeem in Stages

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, that you might not like. But the question is, do you trust GOD to help you go there?

God Helps Us Endure

We can't see over the horizon when we begin a new adventure, but God understands and helps us deal with the good and not so good aspects of our journey.

Breaking Out of Self-Imposed Confinement

Break away from normal? Not so easy without a major nudge from life. Ever think about asking for God's advice?

Bad Choices and God's Redeeming Love

Nobody really wants to invite hardship into their life, but sometimes our choices create bad results. So the question is, how can we change that direction.

The Possibility for a New Beginning

New beginnings are centered around both negative and positive places in our life. How do you approach a new beginning?

Choose God's Narrow Pathway

Did you ever take the easy way out? Sometimes roadblocks prevent us from taking the right path in our journey. How about you?

God's Adequacy - Greater Than Our Inadequacy

Ever get a nudge from God? So, what did you do?

Choosing the Right Path

Choosing anything isn't an easy task. Choosing the right path in life is even tougher. Or is it?

Anticipate Success, Not Failure

The phrase "what if", magnifies negative possibilities. How about the what it's in your life? How do you address them?

Fool-Proof Formula for Defeating Anxiety

Even ordinary folks like you and me can demonstrate God's power and purpose. Want to know how?

Becoming a "Somebody" for God

Have you ever been told that you are not important? We all have. Or maybe we tell ourselves.

A Sure Formula for Success

We all desire to be successful. Without God, success is only a dream. With God by our side, success is achievable.

Reverence for God = Courage

Divorce, death in a family, loss of a job, poor health. Do you have the courage to experience a new beginning?

Check Out the Unusual

Meet your tour guide for life - God. And trust that His path is the right path.

Restoring Reverence and a Clean Heart

Reverence in our lives can never be erased from who we are. If it's missing in your life, reclaim it, today.

Permit Reverence to Exist in You

An attitude of reverence will free your mind and spirit to make the best use of your gifts and talents. Are you there yet?

Reverence for God: It's an Attitude

With an attitude of reverence, our heart and spirit are nurtured. How about your attitude?

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