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What Indifference Communicates

Indifference - apathy, and a lack of compassion. What a lousy place to be, isn't it?

Expressing Thanks from a Sincere Heart

Life is a gift. Have you sent your "thank you" note to God?

Thankful Communications to God

We have stuff, too much stuff. Have we ever taken the time to take inventory and issue a "thank you" note?

Voicing Your Thanks

Do you have a tough time saying "thanks"? Yeah, we all do, sometimes.

Bridging a Communication Gap

A communications gap allows negative thoughts and feelings to get a foothold. This is how you close that gap.

Do You Care Enough?

Caring for another also means sharing responsibility for causing pain and suffering. Are you able to care?

Make Time to Care

So, how much do you CARE about the person on the other side of the conversation?

Using a Conduit for Information and Insight

Conversations with others serve as a potential for change. Communication is a conduit and a way to solve problems.

Communication - An Agent for Change

Change the way I do things? Well, maybe.

Communication That Transforms

We need a roadmap for good communication. This is how you get one.

Speaking Truth with Love

Ouch, that hurts. How good are you at the spoken word?

Uplifting Communication

Communication should be pleasing and uplifting. It's not always that way, is it?

Communicating with the Golden Rule

Negative words produce guilt and shame. Has that ever happened to you?

Bonding and Communication Work Together

A strong bond avoids the potential for conflict. So, how can we make that happen?

The Ties That Bind

Did you know that bonding is nurtured by communications? How good are you at making it happen?

Build Bonds That Last

How strong the bond is, the better the ability to communicate.

Keeping Emotions in Check

A good conversation is - patience, a clear mind, and a calm spirit. Are you good at that?

Communicate with a Calm, Clear Head

Emotions push our voice out of bounds. So how are you at staying in-bounds during a conversation?

Curb Criticism - Concentrate on Compliments

So, how often do you deliver a compliment? Is it often enough?

Don't Assume - Check for Understanding

They may be the right words, as you hear them, but how are they being heard?

The Necessity of Integrity for Communication

Don't assume that your words say the same thing to every person.

Speak and Interpret Words with Integrity

Silence, is that a non-verbal clue that you agree with the other person?

Maintain Integrity in Your Language

It's a difficult conversation. How do you maintain your integrity?

To Avoid Heated Conflict, Keep Words Cool

Disagreements are perfectly normal, but do you follow the rules?

Healthy Communications Equal Better Relationships

Agree with everybody and everything said? That's a tough call, but the way we approach a conversation can mean the difference between a good outcome and a conversation breakdown.

Careless Words Spoken Lead to Regrettable Consequences

A gatekeeper is an overseer of what is about to be said. Too often, we all tend to check with the gatekeeper before we launch into a conversation. Not a great idea.

Don't Say Just Anything to Win

We have an internal gatekeeper inside of us, we all do. But sometimes we forget to call on that gatekeeper for wisdom and understanding. And we end up on the wrong side of a conversation. Have you ever been there?

A Gatekeeper for Words

Understanding when and how to speak effectively isn't always easy. If we're not receptive, we really can't begin a conversation.

Speak the Truth in Every Situation

You are either trustworthy or unreliable. The way you communicate tells your story. So, do your words represent the highest human values?

The Truth Will Set You Free

So, how's the conversation with the person closest to you going? Has it gone from being honest and truthful, to misinformation and a superficial level?

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